WeConnect Connectivity

Connect to whomever you want whenever you want. Using WeConnect’s Fiber Network will give your business a powerful advantage in speed and connectivity. WeConnect Fiber Network’s ultra-high speed and ultra-low latency network connectivity is able to transport business traffic at the highest speed available.

WeConnect Connectivity

What is the WeConnect Fiber Network?

WeConnect’s Fiber Network is over 60 miles of fiber optics that run underground throughout Westerville and Central Ohio. This City-owned network is a top national and global broadband rich environment. WeConnect Fiber Network’s ultra-high speed and ultra-low latency network connectivity can transport business traffic at the highest possible speed.

Fiber Optic Speed

With available speeds up to 100Gb, connect to your network and retrieve your data faster than ever before, at speeds that would put Google to shame.

60 Miles/200+ Businesses

WeConnect Fiber Network currently has over 60 miles of fiber, lighting over 200 businesses across the Westerville, Ohio area and is growing every day. Contact WeConnect to get your building lit.

Access & Connectivity

WeConnect Fiber Network includes access to Ohio Supercomputer, OARnet, and connectivity to Ohio IX.

WeConnect Fiber Network

For Speed, Capacity, & Resiliency, Connect Your Business to the WeConnect Fiber Network

“Broadband” Internet

To manage heavy internet traffic, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) route and re-route content through several “nodes” throughout the internet. Each node that is crossed adds to the latency of your content arriving to and from its targeted location. Latency issues manifest in the form of crackling or cutting out phones and slow web internet speeds. Users have no control over the routing of their content.

WeConnect Fiber Network

WeConnect Fiber Network is a private, direct connection that gives customers a high speed link between their business and the internet. With this connection, user content is never routed or detoured through internet nodes.

The outcome of this connection is ultra-low latency that increases speed exponentially.

The WeConnect Fiber Network Difference: Bandwidth

Most businesses have several connected devices performing many different functions, from email to file transfers to cloud computing to VoIP phones.  To get unlimited bandwidth and maximum speed, you have to use a fiber optic network such as WeConnect.

Residential "High Speed Internet"

Residential High-Speed Internet is like moving about in your neighborhood. You can only travel at the set maximum speed limit,  and your ISP functions as your GPSl.

Business "Broadband"

Business Broadband gives you more bandwidth, but your ISP still controls the speed and route.  Your connection is more akin to a freeway that gets busy during rush hour and is susceptible to traffic jams.

WeConnect Fiber Network

WeConnect Fiber Network is like having a private highway that is isolated from all the others. You choose the speed, traffic, and route.

WeConnect 4 Point Advantage

Unique services, adaptable choices, individual solutions


Connect to whomever you want whenever you want. For speed, capacity, and resiliency, your business needs to be connected to a reliable network.


Colocation services enable you to lengthen the life of your current technology infrastructure investments while having immediate access to our resources and cloud storage.


WeConnect’s Cloud IaaS, Dedicated Hosting, and Managed Cloud solutions cover the full spectrum of business’ needs allowing them to optimize performance.


Our expert consulting includes an assessment of your current assets and vulnerabilities, your opportunities, and a path forward.

WeConnect Fully Managed Services

Our state of the art facility and top tier expertise are what make our hardware and hosted offerings a step above the rest. Our Managed IT and Cloud Services include:

Managed Hardware

Custom configured hardware and networks to fit your specific business processes. High quality servers that are supported 24/7/365


WeConnect experts take care of your cloud environment configuration and maintenance, saving you time and energy.

Data Migration

Migration of your data, application, and security protocols, ensuring continuity throughout the transition and beyond

Business Hosting

Flexible hosting that enables you to manage your business effectively, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7/365 Support

WeConnect provides best-in-class service, from assessment and consultation through maintenance and customer support, every day, all day. We’re onsite 24/7/365 ensuring your business solutions keep working for you.

Fully Certified & Secure

WeConnect services include fully certified and audited PCS DSS, PCI, and Service Organization & Trust Principles SOC2 Annual Reports, at no charge, on top of securing protected health information to ensure full HIPAA compliance.

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