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The WeConnect team has the experience to understand the needs of various business sizes and types and aims to deliver the best customer experience.

WeConnect People

Best-in-Class People & Customer Service Providing Business Value

By focusing on the appropriate operation of our data center, we create an environment that ensures clients’ system run efficiently, increase performance, and expand the life of the hardware investment.

Brian Gorenflo

Brian Gorenflo

General Manager | WeConnect

Cody Bratton

Cody Bratton

WeConnect Network Engineer

James Stabler

James Stabler

WeConnect Fiber Engineer

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7/365 Support

WeConnect provides best-in-class service, from assessment and consultation through maintenance and customer support, every day, all day. We’re onsite 24/7/365 ensuring your business solutions keep working for you.

Fully Certified & Secure

WeConnect services include fully certified and audited PCS DSS, PCI, and Service Organization & Trust Principles SOC2 Annual Reports, at no charge, on top of securing protected health information to ensure full HIPAA compliance.

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